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  1. can you email me your user name please mate. scotty@fruityslots.com
  2. No need to ever get worried with big companies like this pal. Sometimes withdrawals can drag a little, but full registered and have ukgc licence so could never steal your money or anything
  3. wow, nice one mate, will share on socials
  4. wow, you seriously like to empty this slot haha, well done
  5. wow, that last spin was unreal haha
  6. It's random mate. I've done over 100 bees, also 1st bee, so it really does just depend on luck.
  7. Wow, i don't even know what this means? I've never heard anything like this before.
  8. its an amazing game! well played
  9. you tube had an issue possessing videos. it will now be shown Friday or Saturday
  10. you were not even close mate. was 4752
  11. fuck it, 100x and a hoody is yours
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