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  1. Thanks for your input. Yes he did send email but all in vain. As you said, they will never refund his winning. Lesson learned lol.
  2. Thanks for your info. Yes it is annoying but the fact is he won't be getting his winnings. These casinos make good money out of vulnerable players who have never played online. I mean how many of us really read Any terms and conditions. I will say around 2%. There should be a Tool available, if you go over your recommended stake, it flags up. This way you know that casino is fair and not taking advantage. Another thing I want to add is that when a player goes above recommended stake, his game play should get stopped there and then and he should not be allowed to withdraw funds. Letting them play and let them withdraw funds is kind of taking a piss really. In my friends case he was allowed to withdraw funds and then telling him after 48 hours that his funds been Confiscated because he went above recommended stake is absolutely pathetic.
  3. Anyone can help please. My friend opened an account with playgrand. He never had any online casino accounts before so he is not aware of any terms and conditions. He got 100 bonus and he won 3200. But while playing roulette he crossed 5 pounds restricted bet. So he went over 5 pounds but slots he played under 5 pounds. Now he is not getting paid. Any way out???
  4. I don't know how many of you play with Casoola but today was my second time. First time I lost so didn't know that they charge you when you withdraw. Now to me this is robbery and my last time playing with them. Thought I share this info.
  5. Takes ages to bonus but what a slot.... The only winrhis month came on this slot. On 2 pounds gave me 280x. Not bad comparing with other slots paying 10x 😂😂😂
  6. Is it just me or we all are feeling warmth of these slots lol. Nothing working this month. Down 4k 😢.... Hope next month will be better.
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