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  1. First off let me just say that anything Viking / Norse gods inspired is a winner in my eyes, i just cant say no to these kind of games. So when fruity slots announced they would like feedback on this game i thought why not i know ill be playing it a fair amount anyway so hopefully i can give some good honest feedback. Graphics - Ok lets get started on graphics. WOW. Amazing graphics and animation. The animations before the bonuses with Thor welcoming you into the bonus is epic. The clouds that come over the screen when you have a tease for the bonus is exciting. The symbols are great and vibrant apart from the low paying rune symbols which is a shame they really need to be clearer, it makes it very hard to see the wins. Sound and audio- The soundtracks are absolutely class, my personal favourite being heroes of the storm. I love that we have a choice of what song to listen to whilst we play. I really enjoy the comments Thor makes when referring to your big wins it just adds to the thrill in my opinion. 3 hammer bonus- I landed around 7 of these bonuses whilst grinding for the wild storm feature on two separate occasions, on the first build i only landed 1 regular bonus wild the wild storm feature was at 19 out of 20. The second build i got 6 bonuses before building the wild storm feature which was great it kept me entertained however i did not realise i had to have several bonuses before unlocking the next world for a slightly different variance of bonus. I really do think the 4 standard bonuses should have more differences in them to encourage me to want to get the next one, when its just more of the same you loose interest quite quickly. The wins were pretty average nothing amazing which is a shame. I got an average x of 35x i was hoping to get a nice 100x at least once after a total of 7 bonuses. But to end on a good note the names of the different world bonuses is awesome. Link & win bonus- I wish this bonus landed more often unfortunately i only had it 3 times. It is a very fun feature but there are a lot of issues with this bonus. First of all the ridiculously slow tease for the cash symbols to land you really cant tell if something is going to land or not which is very frustrating. I like the idea of unlocking the rows above by landing a certain number of cash symbols but i only managed to unlock one extra row once. The golden cash symbol? ermmm what does it do? what does it mean? Wild storm feature- As i said, i built up to this feature twice the first one gave me two wilds and paid 27x and the second gave me one wild and paid 6x. Of course i was very disappointed but it is a high variance game and i hope to hit some good wins from this bonus in the future. I did notice that someone has commented in the thread saying that it seems unfair that you have to build this feature when it triggers randomly in other games such as thunderstuck 2 and immortal romance, i do see their point but i suppose with it not being random you can see the goal and you know that after 20 teases you can land the bonus and take it. I do think you should have 3 spins on the bonus rather than just one, its gone too quickly and when you only get one wild there feels like no hope to get any kind of mediocre win at least with three spins there is more of a chance and i could be greedy and say on each spin you could have a chance of obtaining more wilds it would be great. Ok confession time i don't play many microgaming games and i have not played thunderstuck 2 but that's about to change i did enjoy playing thunderstruck wild lightning and i'm going to explore microgaming games a bit more from now on. Overall i really did like the game but if the performance of the game was as good as the audio and graphics this game would be top of my list. In future i hope you take this feedback from all of us in this forum to tweak the little issues we have had. But keep up the good work and i look forward to any new games microgaming produce in the future.
  2. I do love the pop games however I do not play them often because they are not easy to bonus and you could loose the entire bonus on one gamble. It does also feel like you have to gamble all the way for those massive wins. I was thinking it would be an interesting concept to be able to "bank" some of the spins before doing a gamble. For example you trigger the bonus with 5 spins and the first gamble will give you an extra 5 spins but If there was an option to bank an amount of spins for example 3 spins that would mean your guaranteed something. In order to bank the spins there could either be a cost per spin you bank or if you bank spins there could be a reduction of spins you can win off the gamble. Or another alternative, an in game feature or mini bonus with no gambles at all. Just so it feels like there is something that could land more often than a bonus to keep it interesting. I would be happy playing a pop game that might not bonus easily but kept me entertained with a feature that lands fairly often with a chance for it to be as volatile as a bonus with those outstanding wins. My favorite pop game is bounty pop. The multiplier wheel feature is fantastic it gives you that edge of your seat anticipation especially when you already have a great win that is about to be multiplied.
  3. 2-1 England sterling first scorer its coming home
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