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  1. Happened to me last week, was on max for ages. Playing £1 spins. Must have done around 600 spins but I was lucky and the balance stayed around £300 mark the whole time, hit 56 bees. Left it for the night, came back the next day and just pressed spin not realising it had automatically come on at 40p, hit a bee first spin and popped the swarm. Paid £36. I was devastated 😂😂
  2. It was 4 days tbf mate but I emailed them and then spent 4 hours on the live chat with 5 different people and eventually they processed it, the live chat is terrible tho, the first 3 people just copy and pasted the same response to me over and over again, fortunately the last guy actually got in contact with another department and got it sorted
  3. Hi guys, I’m having an issue with casilando. I’ve made many withdrawals recently all instant but I tried to make a £150 withdrawal and it’s been over 48 hours and the live chat aren’t helpful at all, any ideas?
  4. I mean profit compared to the price of the buy
  5. Just a thought lads, obviously the winner at the moment is determined by biggest x win but super bonus buys on small stakes will win the majority of the time, wouldn’t it be a bit fairer to say most profit from the buy is the winner?
  6. Cheers mate, just gutted it was 20p stakes and not £2 😂😂
  7. Had another idea, you should do a provider battle. Put all the main providers in a hat and do a draw to see who gets what provider like push gaming or micro or red tiger. Then each get 10 bonuses from that provider, choose your order and play them through, same points system as usual 👊🏼
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