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  1. Oh Scotty!!...I am in man!!🤣👍
  2. Nice one scotty and all the boys!!...youve give me somat to look forward to!! lol.....keep up the great work!! x
  3. Evening Jamie!!...thanks for keeping us entertained bro!! Good luck!! £9366
  4. Great start for the month lads!!...nice one and thanks for the entertainment!...profit tonight!!...so here goes £9366...good luck👍
  5. Looking forward to this one after Jamie's big up this morning!!...keep up the great work lads!! 1. Josh 2 Jamie 3 scotty
  6. Hi guys...great to see you back together my guess is £8280
  7. Hi guys keep up the good work!! 1. Stars megaways 2. Millionaire megaways 3. Swords of Khan 4. Stallion strike 5. DHV (Gates)
  8. Hi guys!!...keep up the great work and entertainment...its great therapy!😉 1.new years bonanza . 2 .millionaire megaways 3. razor shark 4. Danger high voltage...gates bonus 5. Primal
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