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  1. El paso gunfight is my all Time favourite when I won over 12000x off 25p
  2. I love hippo pop and the gamble they have done is my favourite, there is nothing worse then losing the bonus, how bout if you bonus you get 8 spins on a standard game if you gamble and loose you go down to 5 Spins on a lower volatility game or gamble for a higher volatility game with a different starting expansion, then the final gamble could be for maximum expansion and a guaranteed bronze spin on a wheel that will multiple your final winning by either 3 6 9 upgrade,silver wheel spin, which would be 12 15 18 upgrade gold wheel spin 20 40 80 that way your getting a mix of all the pop games in one
  3. I've screen recorded my win but won't let me post it as it to large any chance I can send to one of you guy's
  4. Thanks I withdraw it straight away
  5. Only a few spins in and I won £3070.77 on a 25p bet which is 12280X
  6. Got this nice little win today only 10 spins in
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