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  1. madness isn't it scotty!
  2. thanks Josh.yes will message you my username.ive spent nearly 2k with platin too...I don't mind that they have closed my account because of the hassle I had with the documents but to say that I have been involved in fraudulent activities is not on....thanks bud...oh and they have said they will return me my last deposit of £350 which is good.
  3. *****final update***** the ordeal if over!!phew. after no reply from them I contacted IBAS and told them what was happening.i then emailed platin to tell them I had contact IBAS..low and behold they emailed me straight back!they said I have breached the following 3.1.10. You shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your or third parties’ participation in any of the Games and shall not use any software assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for your participation in any of the Games. We do not allow any kind of robots or/ and programmed devices in game play. We hereby reserve the right to invalidate any wager in the event of such behaviour being suspected or inspected;" As a result of this breach, we will forfeit your bonus winnings and immediately permanently close your account on Platin casino, pursuant to Clause 12.3 of our Terms and Conditions. apparently i am involved in fraudulent,collusive,fixing activities....absolutely speechless.
  4. they are asking for validation documents but as you can see my account is already fully validated
  5. ***update*** so lastnight I received an email to say my documents have been approved.i went straight onto my account and withdrew my £350 as I do not want to spend another penny at platin casino...then this morning I received another email to say my account has been frozen and my withdrawal put on hold!!!wtf..I've been asked by platin casino to give an explanation as to why I withdrew my CASH deposit did not wager it!!wager a cash deposit?so basically any deposit you make you have to wager it?its my own cash..if that is the case why on earth did they let me withdraw it? oh and this is the best bit,I got another email to say if I don't send in the relevant documents any cash withdrawal will be blocked..WHAT DOCUMENTS DO THEY WANT NOW?...honestly guys stay well clear of platin.there's plenty of other good casinos on the fruity casino page.
  6. signed up to platin casino and was asked to send in the usual documents,no problem.sent in driving licence,proof of address,bank card and bank statement.all was accepted. I've deposited a few times here now but 4 days ago I deposited £350.went to play the games and I was immediately blocked from playing.a pop up came up asking for source of wealth,ok so I clicked on it and told them I was self employed and also sent in the last 3 months bank statements from my business account which clearly shows my name,address and business name,now what I think is absolutely wrong here is the way they have taken my money and blocked me straight away from playing also they have blocked me from withdrawing the money too.surely it would be right to not let me deposit again until I have sent in the documents for source of wealth? anyhow 24hrs later I get an email saying my documents I sent have been approved,great!!no,they say they want more proof??they want my employee's name and address??which part of self employed did they not understand?went onto live chat and he told me to send in my most recent bank statement!?I told him I have sent in the last 3 months worth which have been accepted.he just said send them in again??? it's been 4 days now they have £350 of my money and I am blocked from playing and also withdrawing my own money.i have absolutely no idea what to do now.they have copys of my driving licence,bank card,business bank statements,proof of address.literally what more do they need?strand of hair for DNA?soiled underpants?absolutely unreal
  7. 1.goonies 2.napolion 3.fishing frenzy megaways 4.pink elephant 2 5.ted
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