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  1. Hi so I had a thought on this for a while and with the change of auto spins going soon now might be the time, so my idea for a slot battle is the grind lol That’s right all the grind games so there a few less but some have bonus on the way to the top so if you where to average 2 bonus on the way to the top of the two that offer that it would make up for being 4 games short of the ten so the games them selfs being Monopoly megaways The first grind game holy diver level 3 Little devil King maker Slotty Vegas And royal mint you could do points system like
  2. Jamie you lad Scott is loud josh counts the penny’s but Jamie Jamie just wants to punttttt my guess is £6985.26p
  3. Best of luck tonight your no Jamie but guess you will do my guess is £6985
  4. I think the return will be £8985 the highest paying will be rageing rinho rampage returning £855
  5. I think the total return will be £12985.26p best of luck Jamie!! Hard to beat josh last night
  6. Best of luck tonight joshhhyyyyyboyyyyyy I think the total return will be 🤔£9895 so close but not quite 10k lol
  7. I think it will be 1 Jamie 2 josh 3 scotty sorry scotty lad but you been on such bad form also had to edit it as I didn’t put in my actual guess sorry
  8. Best of luck and congrats on the 30k!! All because Jamie’s back I think 😂, my guess is £13985.60p
  9. My guess is £6985 come on lads let’s make the money back Jamie spunked
  10. Hiiii best of luck guys my picks are 1.sword and the grail 2.book of dead 3. Dead or alive 2 4. Primal and my final slot should I make is danger high voltage with hv as the choice big love for you guys and Jamie it’s good to have you back it like you where never in prison
  11. 3985 it did me well last time let’s have a repeat please
  12. £14985.67p because why not I got up early on a Sunday to watch Jaime and he wasn’t there heart broken!!! How could he do this to us I though he loved us
  13. I think the return will be £3895 welcome back Jaime
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