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  1. not sure what bad attitude and lack of respect your talking about. If you read through this thread we explain why paying winners isn’t instantaneous. it seems everyone is ok with the process apart from you. Wondering if your a troll actually or net genuine.
  2. Updated Prizes for our Saturday Night 27th Feb Stream. 50-50 For £50! Participants get the chance to spin the wheel every time they get dealt a Blackjack ( doesnt need to be the same suit ). The wheel gives you a 50-50 chance of winning a Free £50 Blackjack hand. If the hand we bet behind wins the player will get the £50 profit. Players are capped at 3 spins on the wheel per night they participate.
  3. we mutually ended things with the brothers. wasnt working out financially so they are back on thier own twitch channel - the casino brothers.
  4. its no chore for us. The reason why is usually takes time is nothing to do with us. its the time its takes winners to get back to us with there payment details and proof of entry. So we dont drag things out on our end, most of the time we are waiting for winners so we can pay everyone in one batch. No worries about not enterting anymore in the future because it takes too long to recieve prizes. Thats completely your prerogative
  5. clacc class class! did you trigger it with the 12 spins?
  6. The reason is because we like to pay all giveaways winners in one go to save a lot of time of doing a few at a time on different days. Once everyone has replied/ verified there account and sent us thier payment details we then make payment. Sometimes we can pay winners quicker and other times it takes longer. As someone else mentioned, its a free giveaway and there is no stipulation on payout time. The main thing is we always pay winners. But by all means you dont need to enter any if you think 2-3 weeks it too long to wait. And if you think we have gone downhill because of this then
  7. Fruity & Viewers Blackjack Battle! We are going to start a weekly stream running for at least a month where we will be playing on a dedicated Blackjack table on 21 Casino and our viewers will be able to play alongside us with added bonuses! To join you must have a 21.co.uk Casino Account. Starting at 9pm this Tuesday night ( 9th Feb ) we will be sitting at the casino own dedicated blackjack table which can be found easily as shown in the screenshot below. If you sit down at the table to join along with us you must post in this forum a screenshot of your use
  8. They are extremely reputable. We get our withdrawals within hours. That said with every new casino you need to be able to fully KYC and possible source of wealth if depositing/playing a lot.
  9. One reason they said they took away auto spins was that people didnt know how much they were losing or couldnt keep track! For some reason they have failed to acknowledge that when auto spins are set the user sets a loss limit so it really doesnt make much sense!
  10. very decent, the best slot selection in the market
  11. For tonights streams ( Tues 26th Jan ) myself and Scotty will be doing a live battle. The theme of the battle will be that we will play 2 similar games, for example: Jamming Jars vs Dragonfall or Legacy of Egypt vs Rise of Merlin Please suggest 2 games which are similar in nature to one another and we will pick the best 10 to battle it out! Im sure we will throw in a giveaway along the way too!
  12. We have removed all the live streams for now, the streams will be unlisted after they finish thats why you cant access them. That may chance again in the future.
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