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  1. wow, that sucks you didnt get to cash it out! never seen stacks on genie like that! crazy
  2. i like this. will go for something like this with a twist
  3. sword of grail winner
  4. Last night i ran a dual stream, pitting 2 similar slots up against each other. Which 2 slots would you like to see V's each other. The slots MUST be similar in theme and play. Good examples would be Dead or Alive Vs Cazino Zeppelin or Bonanza Vs Diamond Mine. Please put your suggestions in this thread!
  5. not sure, cross that bridge when we know. Unprecedented circumstances.
  6. possibly my favourite line ever post in this forum since we started it!
  7. haha beaky boy, i like that a lot!!
  8. FruitySlots

    slot syndicate

    This is something we thought about a while ago and wanted to introduce but legally its problematic. Being sent money from people we dont know, we cant kyc and dont know where the money is from. Then to gamble on thier behalf and send out winnings. It opens a big can of worms and would need a lot of legal agreements in place which makes it a non starter. The vision is nice and simple but the practically and reality is not! Nice idea though and appreciate the message!
  9. not jealous at all!!haha what a win!
  10. Yeh this is on the to do list for sure, got a slight variation to this we are doing first.
  11. no need to prove anything. i dont evenm know what a fake casino is! Kassu is part of the genesis gloabl group, a large group of reulated and licensed casinos.
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