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  1. Triggered with 10 spins first then it just went nuts, kept getting wins and ended up with about 20 spins with 2x +5 spins
  2. Thank you 😊, bonus landed on 3rd spin too, couldn’t believe my luck
  3. Any idea what I can do, or is it likely I can kiss goodbye to the £1000, I’ve been with them for over a year too
  4. Hello, anyone had a problem with casumo, Especially with the verification process, I’ve verified my account on opening the account, tried to withdraw £1000 on Thursday and bam, they want every document going apart from a DNA sample. 2 of my documents have been approved, just having hassle as my payslip is in welsh and they want the whole bank statement and all bank statements in my name and saving accounts 😳
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