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  1. If I’m joining a casino I’d defo use a link you have extra chance on winning some money! Through the comps!! You get extra help if anything was to ever go wrong and it supports the streams and uploads 🤷‍♂️ It’s a no brainer for me I’d rather someone else got a cut rather than the casinos getting everything!!
  2. Seen it another hater talking rubbish
  3. Cheers scotty it was 3/1
  4. Just been given a tip 3.10 Newcastle rock on fruity made me think of scotty so gonna have to put a bet on
  5. Do we have to enter again this week?
  6. Wow that was hard to read!! Someone complaining about free money 😂😂😂 I really hope that you messed up and didn’t join the casino via the link and you get nothing! People like you boil my piss! It’s free money grow up and get a life
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