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  1. You would 😂😂 bloody kitty glitter
  2. New game sheriff of Nottingham please scotty lad
  3. Village people or ymca whatever it’s called
  4. Happy Christmas to all the fruity slots famalam new an old viewers and streamers a really great bunch much love to you all
  5. I actually have no problems with speed of the forum or anything else so not so sure about 3 spectrums 🤷‍♂️
  6. Really great read!! Well said and pleased to see the streams have really helped mate #legend
  7. Always about mate can always whisper on twitch if you need a chat hope your feeling a bit better
  8. Mate just look me up on Facebook Ben Mcgauley I’m pretty well known if the fruity community I’m Ben the mod a few people chat to me when they are having problems! Just add me or send me a message on there if you want to chat pal
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