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  1. Hello All, My channel on YouTube has been up an running for 28 day's . I supply really good content and would like the support of my fellow fruity slots community member's. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIojzand-bYv5oBlXoZdPlw If you would like to check my channel out and give us a viewing/sub or like id much appreiate it. Love you community member's! You lot are what make the casino stream's brilliant! And i alway's enjoy joining you lot in chat for the banter x Our hit on Book of shadow's 2127X https://youtu.be/pD0Gf4Qrnuc Best Regard's Manager - S
  2. Hey guy's , Hope everyone is all well and safe! Started my youtube channel a few day's ago and wanted to let you all know it's up and running and if anyone would like to watch some videos give me feedback, likes and a sub I would be greatful. As ive been watching and taking part in fruityslots broadcast chats/giveaways and streams for year's!. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIojzand-bYv5oBlXoZdPlw
  3. Started my youtube channel a few day's ago and would like some fruity family members to support it, would appreiate it big time! So can everyone check my channel out , give us a like and a sub! much love keep it fruity guys x superslotheroes
  4. https://imgur.com/eLxm8sc https://imgur.com/hA5hktK https://imgur.com/k3U7e8 https://imgur.com/4fHfk5q https://imgur.com/vlZATFE https://imgur.com/JJx1rpW https://imgur.com/TD8wzaL https://imgur.com/tu3fQeZ https://imgur.com/DKZfNGx https://imgur.com/vYeD5Fn https://imgur.com/TOyanLH https://imgur.com/UrOaPZR https://imgur.com/IF1O2R5 https://imgur.com/ylKRb7P
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