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  1. Oh no it’s fine, happy to have won something! But just didn’t know i would be charged a fee using PayPal as it wasn’t a purchase that’s all or I would’ve done the bank transfer option. Hopefully I win again 🙏 lol and can use that option, good luck with the slots
  2. Hi fruity i recently won a sign up giveaway and the payment was made via PayPal and I was charged a fee? I could’ve sent bank details which I wouldn’t have been charged a fee, so was just wondering if this was a mistake with how then money was sent through PayPal or whether this is what normally happens? thanks tommylion
  3. Well done on 20k subs, love the channel. Both funny guys, best moment for me is the high pitched IS THAT A WILD LINE when I wasn’t 😂 keep up the good work 👍
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