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  1. Sticky Bandits 3 Most Wanted Small Buy´s exist x)
  2. @shadowsss01 It´s the wrong bonus you got there, sorry to say but it need to be the one where you save up 20 by getting 2x scatters 20 times + Bonus trig, And then a screenshot of the wilds that spawns+ the amount you won, and the bet
  3. One piece of 100x Wildstorm Made on Unibet 30-7-021 15.06 Like the possibelity that u can win 15.000x on the Link Feature. But i only won 30x Max out the 5 times i got it but whit 15000x X´s u need to have some low to make room for some bigger. and i used 450dkr to get the Wild Storm Future so 150ddkr+ profit. So it aint bad 😆
  4. Ill vote for the "Golden Bet" possibelity where it cost 2x insteat of 1x to spin and maybe add a picking like in the Megaways games. Or go whit 3 options behind picking it says +1 Spin +2 Spin and "start" on the third option and go on untill the "start" or 15 spins is reached And my favorite is Cherry pop
  5. 1-1 Sterling first goal England to progress to quarterfinals
  6. Dyke 2-1 to the scotish people (Scotland) /Bonus info he will score in the 32 min xD
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