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  1. i won decembers giveaway and maybe 2-3 weeks is abit long but i can remember josh saying on stream that 1 winner some months ago was paid twice and he ran with the money so you cant blame them for wanting to pay every one at the same time so no more fuck up's are made!.... i can also tell you one thing, scotty went above and beyond with me which he had no obligation to do what so ever he was on pioint with all my queries and replied to my e-mails with in a few hours maybe 1 day max. I think its abit unfair of you to come here and start bad mouthing the fruity lads, you could have easily of done this by e-mail. p.s its very kind of your 'friend' to donate his winnings to charity.
  2. cheers fella, it's all good.
  3. can some 1 remove me from the pari match give away please, didnt realise you couldnt sign up if u already have a bet victor account. also took me 8 days to get a refund for my deposit from them!. cheers lads
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