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  1. No one wanted your life story if I wanted your input I would have asked
  2. An insult lol an insult would be saying they make money from people's losses? Or is that just the truth
  3. You guys should have read off that might bring a few home truths x
  4. By all means donate his £300 to ( Gambling with lives ) Gambling with Lives was set up by the families and friends of young people who had taken their own lives as a direct result of gambling. These were all very normal, bright, popular and happy young folk who had great futures ahead of them … gambling was their only problem. Their deaths were very sudden – “out of the blue” with no warning. They were not the result of massive gambling debts, rather what gambling had done to their hearts and their heads. No one knows how many deaths are related to gambling each ye
  5. What my point is that you ' used ' to be more on the ball with these things but I understand these things take a few days it just always seems like it's a chore for you to give winnings to people when your making loads more than what you give away. And no me and him won't be entering anymore give aways purely for the fact it always seems like you guys try to drag it out which you shouldn't. Just mine and his opinion as to why we won't be entering anymore and paying your wages :)
  6. A friend off mine has recently won one off last months giveaways and has been told they might get the money at the earliest in 2 - 3 weeks lol..... What is the point in entering a giveaway if you have to wait so long to get the winnings 😂 Gamblersden and other streamers get verification back within days and pay winnings within days..... Fruity slots have gone down hill me and a few friends wont be using links or anything from now onwards. Much love
  7. I've played at betvictor for years now. I'm up by about £700 on there overall but like every casino you get dry spells. Sure your luck will change soon 😁
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