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  1. First spin 20p spins rolled in 4 bonus symbols for 15 free spins.. each coin symbol drops in to fill a meter removing lower symbols by 14 spins I had the last 2 top symbols so last spin was full screen top symbol!!! Can't complain complain that withdrew £120! (I'm not sure how many x it is but about 720x there abouts)
  2. Thabkyou buddy. I have tried uploading a screenshot of leovegas paying 4500 into my bank although it doesn't seem to work? Any ideas?
  3. I wish I still had the screenshot to show you but It was an awesome night mate. Even booked a few days of work to enjoy it 🙂
  4. Finished work at 11:30pm me and a friend came back to mine for a few beers I had £30 to play with I decided £2 a spin was the one. Spun somewhere around £20-£26 before I had reaction after reaction I filled up the bar to the top and finished on £4500 we both screamed and screamed I genuinely didn't believe it was real I withdrew it instantly. (Days before this I won £600 on divine fortune) my leovegas account was blocked within the hour and they wanted more proofs of ID. Sent everything across and money was in my account 3-4 days later. Still can't believe it now haha! Bought a gaming PC and decorated my daughters bedroom with enough left to book a holiday to butlins that we recently went too! Roll on payday 🤪
  5. As I thought well thanks for confirming guys I appreciate the reply 😀
  6. How do you go about buying the free spins? Are they specific they specific certain websites? I'm in the UK. Thanks for taking the time to read and sorry if its a silly question.
  7. Marching legions for me! Hands down the best slot I've played! :D
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