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  1. Lovin the video tonight so far gotta feeling that my usual choice of God Of or Hand Of will bring the garrys in tonight thanks if chosen and if not chosen thanks anyhow
  2. Evening Jamie gotta feeling either hand of midas or god of... will bring in the garrys cheers fingers crossed as always
  3. Any Hand of or God of game please Scotty gotta feeling one of them will go OP lol
  4. £6324.53 is my guess, bring in the garrys lads good luck
  5. Did a mix of Amber-Dead of Night hope you all like the beefed up drums
  6. As the game stands now you could as others have said make the bonus spin wheel less volatile and add in some consolation prizes like 1,2,3,4 guaranteed win spins after each wheel spin win ie say you win 5 spins have guaranteed 1 win spin then you win that gamble to 8 put the guaranteed win spins to 2 and so on. you could also have a stop reel option perhaps or include some random pattern wins like a mini grid and if you match it with the correct symbols you win an x amount of your bet depending on how many symbols the pattern has ie if you make a 4 square of cherries anywhere you win x2 your steak or if all 4 corners have the same symbol win x3 your steak or whatever patterns you come up with. Also just for some extra options how about complete overhaul of the game to include a VR option (I do not know why this has not been done yet by any provider) where you trigger your spin and other options with a virtual hand dragging the reels down and have the multipliers zoom towards your face whilst saying Multiplier level x1,x2,x3 Reached and so on and for the reels layout have them rounded slightly, would bring some extra interaction with the game for some people. My favourite is Tiki Pop game thanks
  7. Temple Tumble is a good go to game has some potential. Money Cart 2 though can either be awesome or brutal but the bonus drop count is higher so it makes sense not to have all the mega jackpots wins come out early like so many games do and then loose their new magic.
  8. So I logged into youtube looking forward to seeing tonights (19/5/2021) BBW video only to see there was no links for it anywhere, does anyone know whats happening or has happened cheers.
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