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  1. It's been 8 days still no money but I've been told that I'll have the money by the end of the week
  2. Thanks John I'll give them till Friday then I'll be on the case again same old story comes out of your bank instantly but pain in the ass to get a win oh by the way 100x win on crazy time that was nice
  3. OK thanks just a waiting game then I'm with gala virgin and bet 365 and they are mega rapid I've been knocked before by other casinos so that's what worries me
  4. It's supposed to be instant plus it's a bit suss that you can't contact them
  5. I used your sign up bonus with casino lab on Saturday the 5th of June deposited £100 and withdrawn £520 from this site but still haven't received my money from them I have investigated them on trust pilot and they have got terrible reviews on here and I think you should remove them off your site and is there anyone else who has had issues with them also the customer service is pretty poor too I can't speak to them any help would be much appreciated thanks keep it fruity loving the streams guy's
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