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  1. There's no 100% fair way to do it. Different slots have different win capabilities and volatility so some naturally return more or less than others. Plus profit rather than x still presents the same issue as 'x' win does on super bonuses if you're looking at stake rather than the cost of the bonus. The only fair way would be to make every game the same, which wouldn't make for a great video..
  2. This game is so broken I love it
  3. nice one! i'm still searching for my jammin hit
  4. I think a week might be too long. For example, push gaming state that 'incomplete games will be automatically resolved after 2 days' I imagine you'd log on to find funds on your account from games that have resolved themselves. I could be wrong, but I reckon they only save for a couple of days.
  5. Love this game, don't think i'll ever recreate the big hit i had on it but i can try!
  6. Wow nice! Eye of Horus hates me it's never done anything.
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