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  1. Can we get a Dwarven Gems Megaways please good sir, or one of your choice if not available. God speed
  2. I'm sure it's my turn to hit big on this next 🤣
  3. Dwarven Gems Megaways, something different (you're welcome / I'm sorry in advance)
  4. What's cheeky? The additional money you were paying per spin was to increase the concentration of Scatters on the reels, not the payout potential. I'm not a huge fan of the features, because it doesn't really give me a lot of confidence about the games ability to bonus without it on, but increasing the payout would kind of make the feature null and void from the provider point of view
  5. Winners will be announced tomorrow 🙂
  6. Ooooosh! Razor Shark is a cruel beast most of the time but it can absolutely go off when it wants to. Congrats
  7. Agree with you when it comes to maximum stake tools. Some do have tools in place to stop you going over the maximum stake, or at least warn you when loading up a game. When it comes to 'how many of us read the terms and conditions' - I agree again that barely anybody does, but we definitely should when it comes to gambling. Often it could well be the difference between making a successful withdrawal or not. Its pretty important with these matters because there are even slots that do not contribute 100% towards wagering requirements like others do, and some that are excluded from wagering altogether. Perhaps your friend could reach out to the casino and make a case for himself and you never know. Did he win the money playing roulette with a bet that exceeded the maximum allowed? or was it a losing spin anyway? Unsure if it even makes a difference, but good luck to him regardless. Hopefully in the future he'll have better luck.
  8. It's a tough one. Accidental or not, this is what Playgrand say within the terms and conditions The maximum bet for any of your bonus funds is limited to £5. Should you bet higher than this using your bonus funds, you revoke such bonus funds and they shall be removed from your account Sometimes Casinos state within the terms that the maximum bet is £5 on slots and £30 on Table Games or Roulette etc, but I can't see anything that says that, so it looks like he may be out of luck. There's no loophole to get out of it, if the terms are broken and the Casino themselves have revoked the funds then I suppose the best thing to do would be to try again, and read the terms thoroughly before wagering anything.
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