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  1. Hi my dudes for about 1100 spins I have been maxxed at the wild swarm level. Although I lots of bees the hive will never pop. Lost about 350x since on max level. Is this normal? How many spins/bees did you need to pop the hive? I’m getting a little bit annoyed 😬 thnx
  2. Thats a nice win mate πŸ‘πŸ»
  3. Hi I just wanted to share with you guys that it feels good to win in the fruity slots giveaways again in a few days. Will be 3 wins in a row. I feel bad for the other 43 players who have only 4 prizes to win. 😬
  4. Hello, just curious if someone had the bonus. I have 600+ spins and about 70 teases, not one free spins bonus. It’s a new slot.
  5. Evaldo I have given your video a thumbs up. Awesome hit!
  6. First day on the forum for me, first comment. So I think first bonus.
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