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  1. PS I always like to trigger or to motionally trigger it, it gets the feeling you had to do with it because you made it ready or not "repeat click spin boom" stuff like that voila volley vwalla. This is gonna be slow for 18yr old's and over. And I'm pretty sure you chase down gambling morons who want more than a million should be easy. To be fair you might not have my vote and if I keep losing things common to me and I have to keep making way for others or things, I'll start to call it a ransom and you won't have one vote from me for anything from a slice of bread to the mighty bogroll. Morbid
  2. I agree with RSBen, no autospins and having to wait 2.5 seconds for each spin is gonna take a millennia how are people supposed to show a different expression for a different value win, if it all comes pouring in at the rate of 2.5 seconds apart from each game ' it's not asif what we do is worth the money actually and if you look closely the full screen jackpot is the grounds which it's built on its bound to be miles away'. It's going to end up dull and lost and people will become complacent and lost in there own game,platform,origin since they started for free! whathaveu. The argument saving
  3. Yes some video's are getting taken off, as if by monitoring or unless not yet known, can only see event's.
  4. Eye of Horus vs Fishing frenzy ,from Supermandean
  5. Quote: best game ever...(drum roll) Temple Of Treasure (megaways)
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