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  1. That was a little unlucky, still a great hit on 20ps 👍
  2. Holy smoke! Thats impressive. Great hit, congratulations 👍
  3. Best win on this game for me, got 2 retriggers in first 4 spins.
  4. Jagdwurst

    Big win?

    Great hit! I have had a few 500X wins on that game, but nothing that big.
  5. Nice hit! Only 2nd time I have seen the biggun 😃
  6. Hi, Yes it only pays on one line during the bonus.
  7. Nice hit! Max I have had on that is 1500x, unfortunately that was on 20p's
  8. Was using up the last quid in my account. Playing 1 line at 5p and bonus dropped. Retriggered for all symbols. Nice 🙂
  9. Nice hit! Not had much luck with this game so far.
  10. Nice little win, only time I have had a retrigger on this and it bagged the lot! 🙂
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