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  1. Hi there. I will start by saying that you guys are one of my favorite group playing slots. Is very funny to watch you. From time to time i play to. In the past i played more hitting very high amounts....I mean in 1 day waiting the national express coach i was hit a 5 scatter DOA on max...yea meaning 45k £ :). But i didn't want to fall in the category who say "what's come from casino needs to go back to casino" So i managed to moderate myself and i just play from time to time. So basically one day i wanted to play and i was looking to your page of approved casinos. I was choosing Platincasino. So i made an account , and first they asked verification which for me was something new and also a pro thing. i mean that's mean faster windrows and so on. Verification was going well of course and then i wanted to take their welcome offer..the 100+100 one. Now before i was learn my lesson because i realized tha't not all casinos have the same rules on wagering the bonus. So i cheked their T&C. Now it is becoming interesting. On their T&C regarding the welcome bonus are very strange rules , for example : "Moving from a low weighted game (25% or less) to a high weighted game (100%) after large wins for the purpose of clearing wagering requirements; " "Masking an IP address or using a Virtual Private Network" Now the first rule- how that's working? I never heard about this type of naming a slot...They are refering to volatility? Or better sayng how you will ever win against them in a situation where they use this term against you? Second...From when using a VPN is something wrong? Anyway but apart this T&C you cant find the bonus T&C..You know ...what games you can play and are considered ok for the wagering. Well you will not find that so i was go to the live chat and ask there. They have give me a link to a page wich never works. I mean is over a week and that page is not working. And is the T&C of the bonus. I found it very strange and dodgy. So i asked the operator what games are forbidden. He told me that there is no forbidden games , which is really dodgy. But everything was make sense , because i wanted to double check and i asked if DOA2 is ok to play with the bonus. He said is ok because anyway the final amount which a player can windrow using a bonus is 100£. Oh so that's was the trick. I wonder why somebody will deposit 100 to get another 100 , to try to wager 40X bonus and in the end to be able to windraw just100£. Now is making sense why the T&C of the bonus page is not working. So yea , you guys should take care of this things when you promote a casino. This 100£ windrow thing is something which should be clearly mentioned!
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