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  1. Can't for the life in me bonus DOA 2 I find red tigers only pay me well on william hill and no where else really crazy as its nothing to do with the casino. Novos i do better in the landbased and that's saying something, we all seam to have a game that loves us i just still need to find that game a go to game as such!
  2. Nice one Danny these will look great in our wins of fame!
  3. I still haven't popped this swarm im very reluctant to feed it anymore money
  4. Got to see it as entertainment Play with what you are happy to loose in a sense you have paid for your own entertainment you have still enjoyed slotting/gambling and if win then that's a bonus!
  5. The best thing to make sure your device has got is a good graphics card, i use a pc tower so cant advise on a laptop! You can check on https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri type in a popular normal game like fortnite or gta5 run a test and it will advise you on if your graphics card is usable if it wont run those games it will struggle with slots, the best slot to test for lag is gonzo and dhv which are big on cpu usage!
  6. Total 2580 Biggest bust the bank Lowest final countdown
  7. Having a go for the fun of it! Final countdown most Napoleon least 1950
  8. Hi well done on your wins, if you head to the wins of fame section on this website on the tab along the top you can share your big win pictures there! well done again xx linz
  9. hi phil did you manage to post this pic on the hall of fame?
  10. Thanks Neil. I've made the decision to only play this on winnings rather than raw depo. Only way I can justify it's shitty actions ha ha bloody pop will ya so it's done ??
  11. Thanks Nomand im currently at 32 bees after the swarm taking so long beacuse its an an account that ive set a limit to depo on typical!
  12. Hi sorry to hear this, what reason have they have to not releasing the money? Did you check and 're check the bonus terms, i know of some instances that if you use more than £5 on a spin in bonus funds it will cancel it. Will get josh and Jamie to have a read they will be able to advise more than I can x
  13. Ben with it been such a random drop no one knows when it could pop.
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