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  1. This week sees the release of Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels, the new slot from Relax Gaming! You can read the full review here: https://fruityslots.com/slots/money-cart-2-bonus-reels/ This slot is very much geared towards the UK market who cannot buy the feature/bonus on Money Train 2. To celebrate the release of this new slot, Scotty will be doing a Money Cart Viewers Slot Battle Challenge! For the chance to participate, simply reply in this forum thread with your favourite Relax Gaming Slot, if you are not quite sure what games Relax Gaming have released, a list can be found along with a Relax Gaming provider review here https://fruityslots.com/provider/relax-gaming/ We will draw out 16 people at random from this thread to participate in a head to head knock out competition tournament taking place on Saturday 24th July live on stream. The winner of the head to head battle will be determined by the highest paying bonus between the two contestants. We will play until we have 2 viewers left battling it out to see who the winner is. The winner will receive 100% of the money returned from there final bonus (capped at £1000) There will be plenty of other prizes to win including: - Highest X win - £50 Amazon Gift Voucher + Money Train Poster - Lowest X win - £50 Amazon Gift Voucher + Money Train Poster - Any bonus that reveals a Necromancer symbol - £50 Amazon Gift Voucher + Money Train Poster - Over 1000X win - £100 Amazon Gift Voucher + Money Train Poster This competition will run on Saturday 24th July 8pm. Good luck to those that enter.
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  2. @ChefKaineHughes massive congrats, that's a dream hit
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