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  3. Not a bad hit on dragonfire megaways,
  4. Slots have a prize fund, each slot quantifies the money payed in and pays out based on that. This is done using complex RNG algorithms. It continueasly updates itself so its constantly randomly giving out prizes without bankrupting the providers and keeping inline with the games RTP. It would be illegal for the slot to have a memory based on what you have put in and out etc, as that would take away the gambling element, gambling has to be random due to a series of events. In slots the events are done through RNGs
  5. Still waiting for my first decent bonus on this game. The jars are always so far apart from each other and just never connect.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I can't believe I won the fruity casa giveaway!! What do I need to do now? I'm buzzing me tits off!!
  8. Heart jumped into my mouth when this popped up today. If only it was the skulls. But I'm not complaining. It's made my day.
  9. Last week
  10. ccfc147


    Can I change my original selections? Couldn't edit my post so have picked again. Would like my selection from last Saturday deleting. Is that okay?
  11. Secret of the stones max bonus picks 7 11 20
  12. Scotty Can you Play after Spin City on Leo Vegas Please
  13. I bought a bonus with bonus money last year when u cud buy bonuses, where u from ccfc ?
  14. the elusive triple 6-thought it would pay more actually
  15. Ha ha....why can't I get a hit like this!
  16. wow, that sucks you didnt get to cash it out! never seen stacks on genie like that! crazy
  17. Just joined the site..... so thought I would share my big win from last October.
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